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Colin McAlister: Solo Classical Guitar

Acoustic, Classical Guitar, Classical Vocal, Medieval, Renaissance, Multimedia

Colin McAllister, acclaimed solo classical guitarist, will evoke the tangible intimacy with eons of knowledge accessible only among volumes of books in his concert program, The Library at Night. With performances hailed as "sparkling…delivered superbly" (San Francisco Chronicle) and "ravishing" (San Diego Union Tribune), Colin McAllister seeks to engage his audience with cross-disciplinary ideas in the humanities, particularly at the intersection of music and history, classics and theology. Drawing inspiration from Alberto Manguel's The Library at Night (a series of essays on the idea of the library), McAllister's captivating recital takes the listener on a literary, musical and historical journey through time and place. For several of Manguel's essays (e.g. The Library as Imagination, The Library as Space, The Library as Oblivion) Colin interweaves music alongside readings from Manguel's book, historical vignettes and visual imagery in an engaging concert-length presentation. Manguel writes, "Conjuring up timeless music among timeless books in his 'Library at Night', Colin McAllister has succeeded in bringing to life the library's relationship to all nine muses, 'as in the presence of angels.' McAllister's compelling selection of music includes masters of medieval, Renaissance and Baroque polyphony, the first "Golden Age" of the guitar, sensual rhythms from Latin America, and a newly commissioned work, The End Times Are a'Changing, by award-winning composer, guitarist and vocalist, Derek Keller (Sacramento). Inspired by the apocalyptic theology and illustrations of twelfth century theologian, Joachim di Fiore, and Bob Dylan's hauntingly prescient, "The Times They Are a Changin", Keller has composed a theme and variations for McAllister. In this work, Keller will the audience to co-create a musical accompaniment for McAllister music in real time with their mobile devices. Keller will also sing countertenor in Michael Finnissy's Two Motets, a work inspired by Hildegard von Bingen, medieval musician and mystic. Praised by Soundboard magazine as "a great success", his guitar instructional course, Learning to Play Guitar: Chords, Scales and Solos was produced by The Great Courses and was released to critical acclaim in April 2017. These accolades result from his impeccable scholastic and artistic pedigree: McAllister holds both a Masters and a Doctor of Musical Arts from the University of California, San Diego, where he studied guitar with Los Romeros and Stuart Fox, interpretation with Bertram Turetzky, and conducting with Harvey Sollberger and Rand Steiger. He currently serves as Director of the Music Program at the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs. Sacramento, be sure to hear Colin McAllister's literary, musical, and historical journey through time and place in an engaging concert-length presentation. Immerse yourself in a profound, captivating chamber music experience.