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Annual Concert: Gershwin & Friends

Special Event

Directed by Curt Schroeder. Everyone recognizes a Gershwin song even if not everyone can say who wrote it. United Airlines even used the composer’s “Rhapsody in Blue” in one of its longest running commercial themes. Gershwin’s songbook is a thick one so selecting music from it for a fundraising event was no easy chore. But the job is done and the result is sure to be a feast for the musical ear. Before the main course is served, there will be appetizers made of songs from Cole Porter, Duke Ellington and George M. Cohan. Mark your calendar now for an evening of music, food and fun. Tickets are $50 per person & $40 per Member. A reception with food and drinks begins one hour before each show. Best to make reservations in advance. Box Office: Regular hours are Monday - Friday from Noon to 2:00 p.m., except holidays.