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It's Only Monsters

Mystery/Thriller, Drama, Play, Comedy/Drama

Detective Guy Goodman is haunted by the kidnapping and death of a young boy he was unable to save from a brutal psychopath. When another young boy goes missing, Goodman jumps at the opportunity to vindicate himself. But when the case gets increasingly complex and elusive, he resorts to brutality to get answers. As we follow Goodman's pursuit of justice, the line between who's good and who's bad gets blurred beyond recognition. It's Only Monsters is a tale of mystery and suspense, told by ten characters over the course of ten monologues. With each character new clues are unveiled, which bring Detective Goodman, and the audience, closer to uncovering the truth. But even the most sleuthful audience won't be prepared for one final, shocking twist. This is the debut performance of It's Only Monsters, an original play written and directed by local playwright Jesse Janzen. Purchase tickets at: