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Tartan Day Whisky Tasting


Gather your clan and head for the Napa Valley Museum Yountville when we will be observing Tartan Day, that holiday celebrating the best of Scotland, with a seriously Scottish Whisky Tasting. Single malt whiskies are more popular than ever, and Scotland makes the best in the world. Explore Scotch whisky under the expert tutelage of James Forbes, creator of the Dramophone Whisky app and patron of Scotland's popular Lonach Highland Gathering & Games. Learn to identify Scotch's different regions and how a distillery's microclimate affects the taste of its whisky. In the Napa Valley we are all experts at food pairing, so come and discover how Scotch Whisky is the answer to those tricky dishes that don't naturally work with wine. The evening includes a curated tasting of five great whiskies, a welcoming wine tasting by Scottish-themed Stewart Cellars, food pairings, plus admission to the Main Gallery's world premiere exhibit "France is a Feast: the Photographic Journey of Paul & Julia Child." For those who may not want to sample the spirits, Stewart Cellars will offer a wine tasting to arriving guests. Located in Yountville, the winery was founded by the Stewart family in 2000 with many nods to its Scottish heritage, including the architecture, interior decor, and thistle logo.  Stewart Cellars makes world-class wine from prestigious vineyards throughout the Napa and Sonoma Valleys.