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Yaelisa: Caminos Flamencos Presents "BailaHora"

World Dance

Caminos Flamencos, based in San Francisco, has been presenting productions and conceptual flamenco performances since 2001 and is led by nationally recognized artist, Yaelisa, and musical director Jason McGuire "El Rubio." Emmy winner, Yaelisa, is a choreographer, dancer and producer of both her own company and artistic director of the famed New World Flamenco Festival and her productions have won awards for choreography, concept and music, constantly informed by the focus on both traditional and contemporary flamenco dance and music. Yaelisa, who is currently teaching at Sacramento Arte Flamenco, marks her Sacramento dance premiere with BailaHora. In honor of Women’s History Month, Caminos Flamencos is presenting BailaHora, a special evening focused on the female in flamenco, the bailaora (Flamenco dancer, in Spanish), hence the title. The show is a journey revealing the nature of the woman in flamenco: her essence, her humanity, how she reflects her time, how time reflects upon her, the joy, the artist, mother, dancer and the rapture when the woman envelops the art and the art envelops the woman. BailaHora is an evening of traditional flamenco with four unique and distinctive female dancers: Emmy winner Yaelisa, Fanny Ara (long-time Caminos Flamencos dancer), Valeria Montes, and Alexa Miton, accompanied by virtuoso musician, Jason McGuire “El Rubio,” and singers from Spain: Ana de los Reyes (from Jerez) and Felix de Lola (from Sevilla). Miton and Montes, exciting and relevant dancers on the flamenco scene today, are making their West Coast debut with BailaHora. Gypsy singer Ana de Los Reyes is making her Caminos Flamencos debut, adding the rich cultural voice of Jerez de la Frontera.