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Into to Permaculture Design: Designing With Nature, Not Against It (part 1 of 3)

Class/Workshop, Green/Environmental

Certified Permaculture Design Practitioner Branden Irvine will lead this introductory class, which will touch on the first four chapters of "Permaculture: A Designers Manual " by Bill Mollison. This class will cover the philosophy behind permaculture, concepts and themes in design, methods of design, and pattern understanding in nature. Mature 12+ welcome. Through the World-Wide Opportunities on Organic Farmers program (WWOOF). Branden Irvine lived and worked on farms here in the United States and Australia. He has worked and trained with organizations restoring degraded lands to healthy ecosystems utilizing thermophilic composting, worm farming, compost tea, and native plant restoration projects. Contact ARC for meeting location (Gold Hill/Placerville area) and to sign up. or 530-621-1224.