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Mania! A Tribute to the Beatles

Special Event

The Beatles band Mania is preparing to hit the Charlene Powers Lange Theatre like the Beatles hit the Ed Sullivan Show in 1964! The original band was formed in 2004 and was named Because. Since then the band has been playing to packed theaters and screaming audiences. “I could not be more excited about bringing this great band to Hutchins Street Square” according to John Zurflueh, owner of Starbright Entertainment. I have known these guys for a few years now and each of them define the essence of the original Beatles, not only musically but their mannerisms, look, and a show that includes three period outfit changes. Beginning with the black suits from the Ed Sullivan Show, then the Sgt. Pepper era and finishing with the Abbey Road set, all in a live concert just full of energy both from the band and the audience! This is a show for all generations, so get your friends and family together for a ton of fun and a memorable evening!