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River Monitoring Orientation

Green/Environmental, Volunteer Event

"River Monitors are community members who have become trained in water quality sampling and participate in monthly sampling occasions. These incredible volunteers range from high school students to senior citizens, dedicating nine months of their time and energy to the river. If interested, please attend our two-part training! This orientation to the River Monitoring program is for interested volunteers to learn more about the program and how to get involved. The second half of the program is a field training on April 7 at Bridgeport. Volunteers visit their adopted sites monthly to test water quality conditions and record their observations. In addition, to routinely measuring many water quality parameters (water temperature, dissolved oxygen, pH, turbidity, and conductivity) volunteers monitor for the presence of sensitive and invasive species, and occasionally test for bacteria, nutrients, and toxic metals. The program is based on the scientifically-credible Quality Assurance Program Plan approved by the Regional Water Quality Control Board."