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Really Funny Comedians (Who Happen to Be Women)

Stand Up Comedy

English playwright William Congreve said in 1695, "...I have never made any observation of what I apprehend to be true humor in women..." Possibly the first person to say women aren't funny, Congreve probably didn't know any better because he was born too early to catch a Really Funny Comedians (Who Happen to Be Women) show. San Francisco's vibrant comedy scene produced Margaret Cho, Paula Poundstone, Aisha Tyler and recent rising stars Ali Wong and Emily Heller. See the latest crop of up-and-coming funny ladies. Congreve stands corrected. (Actually, being long dead, he doesn't stand at all.)

Dates in your area:
Punch Line Comedy Club Sacramento
• Sun 3/3/19 at - 7:00 PM

Cobb's Comedy Club
• Wed 3/6/19 at - 8:00 PM