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Aceyalone, AfriCali Feat. Eyezon & AZ. Redsmoke

World, Rap/Hip Hop

Legendary Los Angeles rapper Aceyalone, the King of Underground Hip-Hop, is a member of Freestyle Fellowship, Haiku D'Etat and The A-Team and a co-founder of Project Blowed. Aceyalone has been noted particularly for his innovative lyrical style and content. Some attribute the double-time rap styles that emerged in the mid-1990s to Aceyalone and Freestyle Fellowship. The most interesting thing about AfriCali is that it lends importance to all the instrumentation as much as it does to South African MC Eyezon’s vocals, while the melodies of each instrument and voice develop in episodes, as opposed to the familiar verse-chorus format. AZ. RedSmoke, a California-based Native American tirntablist, MC and producer, is a member of Dub Music Productions/The Scientist, Ani-Yun-Wiya/People From the Starz and The RaggaSoulJah'z, and is co-founder of The Dubstep Kings.