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Off the Clock: Sports Clubs of the Southern Pacific


California State Parks and the California State Railroad Museum present a timely exhibit, “Off the Clock: Sports Clubs of the Southern Pacific.” The playful new exhibit is focused on the wide variety of sports clubs, teams and athletic competitions that many Southern Pacific employees participated in during evenings and on weekends in the early to mid-1900s. In fact, many “off the clock” workers from the Sacramento Shops – now known as the historic railyards – formed intramural teams to compete with one another or against traveling teams and clubs sponsored by the railroad. In addition to photos, posters and articles, the exhibit also includes a number of athletic artifacts, such as a bow and arrows, track shoes and a wool bathing suit, all from the 1920s. Much of the interpretive information for the exhibit is based on sports highlights and tidbits included in The Southern Pacific Bulletin that was published monthly and distributed free to active and retired Southern Pacific employees from 1920 to 1990. “Off the Clock” can be seen in the museum’s lobby.