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Ottmar Liebert

World,Pop,New Age,Jazz,Latin/Salsa

Ottmar Liebert has taken the ancient guitar style of traditional flamenco into new and unthinkable realms, fusing it with everything from bossa nova and dance rhythms to soothing environmental new-age synthesizer sounds. Born in Cologne, Germany to a Chinese-German father and Hungarian mother, this Grammy-nominated musician began playing guitar at age 11 and traveled extensively through Europe and Asia, soaking in each musical tradition to which he was exposed. He has since become one of the most globally successful instrumental artists of the last few decades.


Dates in your area:
Blue Note Napa
• Thu 2/7/19 at - 7:00 PM
• Thu 2/7/19 at - 9:00 PM
• Fri 2/8/19 at - 7:00 PM
• Fri 2/8/19 at - 9:30 PM
• Sat 2/9/19 at - 7:00 PM
• Sat 2/9/19 at - 9:30 PM